Aristata Land Arts

outdoor design & installation

Outdoor design, installation, and garden care. Specializing in outdoor structures & xeriscape plants. Portland, OR.

Modern outdoor spaces for good living

photo by Gregory Mcmanis

At Aristata, functionality is one of our main goals. We want you to interact with your landscape seamlessly from inside of your house to out. We design your landscape to be lived in, and of course, to look really nice.

We practice xeriscaping, which requires little to no water, and is very low maintenance. Chances of success are high, especially with busy schedules, and it is the best choice for our environment.

We love to build Social Food Gardens, which are a visual centerpiece and heart of the landscape. They are designed to give you vegetables, fruits, and berries, and are built to create a pleasant and beautiful place to come together, eat and entertain.

One of the most important considerations in designing these features is to produce and magnify the ethereal feelings of being outdoors in a built environment.  This might include shapes, sounds, colors, and smells, as well as feelings of peacefulness and tranquility or a sense of motivation and progress. We use structural elements like wood, stone and metal, as well as plants to create outdoor space and give you a visual and tactile experience. 

We're educated, experienced & love to work hard. We're also licensed, insured & bonded.


Danny Wolf, lead designer & owner

I have been working in the landscape industry for ten years. My passion for Landscape Design and plants started from a tree pruning job at a Japanese Spa in Santa Fe, NM over ten years ago. I moved to Portland eleven years ago and soon thereafter started my own Landscape Contracting business. 

Landscapes have been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. Being outside, staring into distant horizons watching time and light pass by is my favorite place to be. Part of my interest in landscaping is to bring this larger feeling down to an urban scale where it can be enjoyed at home, every day, by everyone.

Traveling, camping, and being OUT OF DOORS is a big source of design inspiration for Aristata Land Arts. We work to have fun, and have fun working. It's a good life.








Aristata Land Arts, LLC        Insured & Bonded LCB# 9017