Aristata Land Arts

outdoor design & installation

Outdoor design, installation, and garden care. Specializing in outdoor structures & xeriscape plants. Portland, OR.

We call our version of landscape maintenance garden care, because we take great care in maintaining the health and longevity of your soil and plants. Hand tools, lots of knowledge & experience, and a keen eye for details are how we do it. We use only organic or natural products and no gas powered tools, pesticides or herbicides. Implementing a regular garden care program is a great way to keep your investment thriving and have a little more free time for yourselves. Even the most avid gardeners need a little extra help sometimes!

REGULAR MAINTENANCE: You know your garden will always be taken care of when you subscribe to one of our annual garden care programs.  We mulch, prune, feed, and keep it looking it's finest. Typically we will visit twice per month during the growing season and scale it back as we get into the winter months. You also become a priority customer and we will always be able to make room for you in our schedule should you need us for a special project. 

ON-CALL MAINTENANCE: We're also available when you need a little extra help, whether it's to help spruce things up for a party or do a big fall or spring clean-up. We have half day and full day options to suit your needs.


Aristata Land Arts, LLC        Insured & Bonded LCB# 9017