Aristata Land Arts

outdoor design & installation

Outdoor design, installation, and garden care. Specializing in outdoor structures & xeriscape plants. Portland, OR.

The average 50' x 100' lot is often an untapped wealth of square footage in most urban lots. Outdoor spaces are not just gardens, but rather extensions of our indoor living quarters that can be turned into sitting spaces, grilling and party areas, functional and elegant food gardens, or anything we can dream of. Since they are outdoors we have the opportunity to adorn these spaces with the color, structure, fruits, and the brilliant seasonal changes of plants.  

Our design process is centered around getting to know the site and the client and allowing time and space for it to unfold organically. The ability to be flexible with our design choices as we get to know the site produces fine-tuned and beautiful landscapes that are highly functional.  Our preferred method is to take a project from the design phase all the way through to the installation, but we are happy to install out of house designs as well.

We draw to scale designs for you to keep as well as quick sketches and design consultations for smaller projects. If you want to take on the installation yourself, we can provide you with detailed plant and supply lists and some advice for the road.

Contact us for information on our design rates. 

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