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Outdoor design, installation, and garden care. Specializing in outdoor structures & xeriscape plants. Portland, OR.

Old Time Yellowstone

I found these postcards at an antique store a few years ago and they've been hiding in a drawer waiting for some sort of presentation. They are the good old kind - thick, shiny and grainy. I glued them to plywood and now they are ready for some wall time.
Landscape paintings and scenes are so mesmerizing to me, even the super cheesy ones. There is so much to look at, and so many hidden crevices to get lost in. It's like lazy book reading - lots of stories, but no words to bounce over, synthesize, and digest.
I worked in Yellowstone National Park for a summer when I was a young lass and didn't get much time to explore as there were lots of overcooked burgers and Sysco potato salads to be served, but I did get time to experience the otherworldly geothermal landscapes of bubbling mud pots and brilliant deep turquoise pools of sulfuric water.

It's humbling to say the least, and gives me some serious Earth love. Our planet is so easily taken for granted, and I don't mean in the obvious ways of harmful extraction and destruction, but in sheer amazement for how it continues to operate, for what's going on below our feet and in the air that travels to our lungs to keep us moving. Lucky for us, it's incredibly resilient and doesn't judge us for our oversights.