Aristata Land Arts

outdoor design & installation

Outdoor design, installation, and garden care. Specializing in outdoor structures & xeriscape plants. Portland, OR.


Cedar fence with corrugated metal gate built by LBK "Chips", Bobby, & me.  It rained the whole time except for about 2 hours.

I Break Horses

Ethereal, gorgeous video and song by Bella Union, directed by Alex Southam. Stop motion dreams...


Raised beds are indispensable in the garden, but I'm not a fan of the standard short wooden boxes. This is my response to them.  These are 27" tall, so you don't have to crouch down to work in them.
This one is 4'x8', 27" tall.  I fill the bottom 10" or so with rock for good drainage, ideally something lightweight like pumice. These were painstakingly filled with all of the dug up/found piles of rocks in the yard.

4'x4' cedar/metal combo
If you're in Portland, and interested in your own cedar and metal raised beds call or email for a quote.

Pinus aristata, Bristlecone Pine

The name Aristata comes from the Bristlecone Pine, Pinus aristata. It is native to the United States, growing in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and northern New Mexico. 
It grows at very high altitudes, in cold, dry subalpine climates.  
They are highly adapted to extremely harsh conditions and often live to be thousands of years old. Their structure is expressively contorted and magical.